Board of Directors


President: Jacque Schneider

  • Attends all board meetings and presides over them.
  • Helps at Sew Days as needed.  Collect Sew Day list of quilts turned in.
  • Fields phone calls, messages and emails regarding Firehouse Quilts.
  • Arranges for fabric donations; it is sorted at Sew Days by volunteers.
  • Renews yearly liability insurance policies.
  • Renews yearly Federal and State tax forms and 501c3 documents.
  • Supervises volunteers who contact fire districts and all other organizations who receive our quilts.  Help with deliveries if needed.
  • Keeps quarterly records of quilts turned in and donated and provides that information to the membership.
  • Creates quarterly calendar.
  • Orders quilt labels as needed and brings supply to Sew Days; orders member name tags.

Vice President: Christie Meldrum

  • All duties of President, should she be unable to fulfill them.
  • Attends all board meetings
  • Helps with deliveries & Sew Days


Sara Van Horne Secretary

Secretary: Sara Van Horne

  • Attends all board meetings
  • Writes the minutes for each meeting and distributes the final copy to board members.


Mary Peterson Treasurer

Treasurer: Mary Peterson

  • Attends all board meetings
  • Pays FHQ bills, makes bank deposits
  • Keeps QuickBooks accounting
  • Prepares financial reports for board meetings