Guidelines for FHQ Quilt Making

These quilts should be sturdy, quilted adequately & give comfort to children who receive them.

  • Use ¼” seams to piece the top together to make sure that all the seams will hold up. It is better to go a bit wider if you are having trouble making straight seams.
  • Be sure that all the fabric you use has been pre-washed. If you are assembling a pre-cut kit, the fabrics were washed before being cut.
  • Press seams as you go. All seams should be pressed to one side (not open) and generally towards the darker fabric. Try to alternate the direction that the seams are pressed where there will be intersecting seams.
  • Do not use the selvage edge of the material, as it shrinks more than the rest of the fabric when washed and it does not have any give.
  • Use good quality thread – cotton or cotton-covered poly thread, usually grey or beige works fine with most fabric colors.
  • Flannel makes a wonderful backing but should not be used for binding as it does not hold up well with use. If piecing a quilt with flannel, make the seams about ½” wide.
  • Batting can be polyester, cotton/poly or all cotton. Quilting should be between 3” to 5” apart since it’ll be washed often.
  • Cut the batting and backing about 3” larger than the quilt top on all sides as the quilting will “shrink” the batting and backing some.
  • When attaching the binding, make sure to catch all the layers as you go.  (It will fray and won’t look as nice if it has to be repaired after being washed.)
  • Manicure your quilt. Please go over each quilt (or quilt top) and trim all thread tails and remove excess thread and lint.
  • Be very careful to remove all pins from the finished quilt for the sake of the children.
  • Sew a Firehouse Quilts label to the back left bottom corner of the finished quilt.
  • Wash all completed quilts before turning in at sew day.  Laundry soap should be unscented, as well as the dryer sheet if one is used.
  • Although some of our quilts are not perfect, we strive to improve with each one so take pride in your work and have fun making it. Know that these quilts are going to a child in crisis who will be comforted by your efforts.

Dimensions for FHQ Quilt Making

What dimensions do I use for different sized quilts?  As you will see, there are no exact measurements; it is a little different just about any place you look.  The approximate dimensions for FHQ are:

Small Quilts:  36″ x 36″
Snuggle Quilt:  45″ x 45″
Lap Quilt: 50″ x 70″
Wheelchair Quilt:  40″ x 50″