Thank yous!

Periodically, we hear from parents when one of their children receives our Firehouse Quilt.  Below are a few of their “thank you” notes.

Thank You From A Mother’s Heart!

I’ve been corresponding by email for a few weeks with Tori (Hope’s mom) about our quilt her daughter received on the way to the hospital recently.  Here’s a nice thank you note she sent.

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Hope in the hospital with her new Firehouse Quilt and faithful teddy bear.

Hope in the hospital with her new Firehouse Quilt and faithful teddy bear.

“Hi wonderful volunteers, I would like to send a thank you for the quilt we received when our 2-year-old daughter was taken to the hospital in the ambulance.  It was such a scary time having all the emergency people there, but they gave Hope your quilt and it seemed so comforting. When we got to the hospital, we spent the hours pointing out the animals, counting stars, naming colors, etc. on the quilt.  We couldn’t find her teddy bear and she pulled it from under the quilt and proceeded to play peekaboo for another half hour under the quilt.  

I quilt myself and I know how much time it takes and for you all just to give it to a fire department for a little one (and their parents) who needs a little comfort is so great. 

What a difference you and the other quilters are making for so many little ones, thank you again.  Bless you all.”

Corey, Tori, Hope, Hannah and Claire

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As you can see, Hope is fine now and pointing to a fish on her fun quilt.  Her mom also sent a nice thank you card through the mail, a photo of Hope with her quilt and a nice donation to Firehouse Quilts.

Our volunteers were thrilled to see the pictures of her and understand how much our quilts mean to the parents, as well as the children.

Thank you Tori, for allowing us to share Hope’s story.

Volunteers of Firehouse Quilts

Thanks from a Grateful Dad

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Dear volunteers of Firehouse Quilts,

A few weeks ago, our daughter, Eliana Rose was admitted to Swedish Medical for a severe respiratory illness.  Attached is a picture of her with the quilt when she was brought into the ambulance to be taken to the hospital, where she was eventually placed into the Pediatric ICU unit.

The EMTs graciously provided this beautiful quilt that made her feel instantly better.  The EMTs themselves said this was one of the best made quilts from you they have seen yet.

Eliana has recovered wonderfully since and is back to her normal energetic self.  After the quilt was washed a few times, ohm y!  How soft and cozy it is!  Eliana absolutely adores it so much.

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your selflessness and desire to make children whom you don’t know, feel that much better in a time of sickness and distress.

This quilt meant so much to her during the four days in the hospital…she did not want to lose site of it!

Keep up the good work and God bless you.


Michael D.



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Finally sleeping well!

To Firehouse Quilts volunteers,

I wanted to say Thank you for the beautiful quilt my son received while being transferred to Children’s Hospital in Aurora.

He is three years old and had a rare complication from getting his adenoids removed.  He flew fixed wing airplane to Centennial Airport around midnight  The paramedics in the ambulance gave him this quilt to warm him and he smiled through the pain and it became his lovey while he was hospitalized.

It is such a beautiful and well made quilt, it should get kudos.  Thanks for giving a smile, warmth, and comfort to a sick little boy and a bright spot for his mommy.

Thank  you so much for your generosity and love that went into making something that proved to be an essential item for his journey.

Carrie M.



[box type=”shadow”]2012LivermoreFD1800Hello Firehouse Quilters!

It started off with a phone call telling me there were around 100 handmade snuggle quilts that had been collected throughout the state of Colorado and made their way to Fort Collins via the Colorado Quilting Council.  They were to be donated to those families who lost their homes in the High Park Fire.  Of course I ran out of the house to pick them up at The Ranch where they were preparing for a hug quilt show.  The ladies there wer so happy to see that these quilts were going to someone who loved their craft and who would ensure that they go to whom they were made for.  As I packed up the car, trip after trip, I was in awe, not to mention a tear or two was shed.

Larimer County is hosting a Fire Survivor Workshop tomorrow night (Wednesday, July 19th) for those who lost their homes.  The quilts will be distributed to these families at that time.  I know they will be a comfort to them while they begin the process of starting all over again.

How do you thank someone for their time and effort knowing they spent countless hours stitching a quilt with lots of tender loving care for someone who they won’t know?

I speak for all of them by saying THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts !!! These quilts will be treasured today, tomorrow and into their new future!

You are ALL amazing ladies!  Thank you!

Gwen Solley
Wife of Chief Carl Solley
Poudre Canyon Fire Protection District
Cache La Poudre Fire and Emergency Group