64 Snuggle Quilts Delivered to Larimer County

A recent donation of 64 snuggle quilts was made to Larimer County Department of Human Services. The HUB, Youth Assessment Center will use the donation for children of all ages that have been removed from their family settings due to an assortment of emergency situations. Firehouse Quilts makes about three donations to Larimer County a year due to their heavy caseload of children needing assistance.

A drop-off point was arranged with Christina Ulrich-Jones, who is the Volunteer Coordinator for the HUB. Her car was filled with bags of the donated quilts and she was once again very excited to receive the quilts from FHQ.

She told us that the last quilt that she took on one of her visits was to an 18 month old child. That child wrapped the quilt around herself and walked around with it that way for nearly an hour. She was thrilled to have a lovely quilt prepared by one of the FHQ volunteers.

Christina relayed that The Hub has given out over 40 quilts this year in only three months. When she told her boss that she was going to get another supply of quilts from FHQ, the boss said, “We can never have too many quilts.” It’s heart-warming to know that this organization is so appreciative of all of the hard work from the volunteers of Firehouse Quilts.

by Jacque Schneider