Quilts Delivered to Lake George, Colorado

On June 7, 2013, a second delivery of eight quilts was made to the Lake George Fire Protection District. The eye-catching sign on front of the firehouse, with fascinating shadows made by the raised letters and figure, was created by a welder doing court-ordered community service. His efforts really enhance the appearance of the building.


Since my initial delivery last September, Fire Chief Dutch Kleinhesselink had given out all but two of our quilts. He recalls a chilly evening when two children were comforted with new quilts. Their parents’ car had slid into a ditch. Luckily, no one was injured.

On another occasion, a distraught mother was holding her toddler so tightly that the child could not be examined for possible injuries. Her car had rolled. Dutch grabbed a quilt, opened it wide, and enveloped the child in his arms. Amazingly, both mother and child were fine.

Our quilts are being put to good use in Lake George, Colorado.

By Dianne Kile