Craig Hospital Partners with Firehouse Quilts

On February 28, 2017, Barbara C. arranged a tour and meeting with Jill S. and Sandee P., who are Volunteer Coordinators at Craig Hospital. Craig Hospital is a new partnership for Firehouse Quilts and our membership is quite excited about providing quilts to this organization.

The tour gave insight as to how the patients at Craig are encouraged by the staff throughout their specialty rehabilitation and recovery from spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries. Craig is a 92 bed hospital whose staff offers teamwork with their patients who come from across the nation. Goals are set for each patient through personal therapies, pool therapy, exercise and training, biking, and yoga.

Family members of patients receive support and are offered housing on site or in local hotels so they can be available to their loved ones. There is an extensive therapeutic recreation program offered to the patients that provides leisure time activities. Some of the activities they participate in are crafts, gardening, bowling, hot air balloon rides, rafting, rugby, skiing, and hunting. These programs rely on many volunteer organizations who support the activities with equipment and manpower.