“Mommy, that’s not your quilt, that’s my quilt.”

Another thank you from a grateful mom.


I am writing to thank your organization for the quilt that was recently given to my 3 year old daughter when she was taken by ambulance to the ER few weeks ago. She had a seizure in the bathtub, and as a result, was only haphazardly dressed before leaving in the ambulance (no coat, no shoes…). They gave her one of your quilts during the ride, and she used it in the ambulance, at the hospital, and for the trip home.

She is doing fine now, and enjoys cuddling under her quilt on the couch when she watches t.v.

She tells me, “Mommy, that’s not your quilt, that’s my quilt!”

We were very touched and appreciative of the hard work and love put into that quilt. Thank you!

Alison, Annika (the proud quilt owner) and Ross