78 Quilts is not a record!

There were 78 quilts turned in at the February 20th sew day.  This number seemed like it should be a record for Firehouse Quilts members, however, in 2017 there was a sew day that had 84 quilts turned in.  The pile of quilts was huge at the bed turning and included ten challenge quilts from panels that were donated by Holly’s Quilt Cabin.  It was interesting to see the variety of ideas that turned the panels into quilts.  A quilt was also finished by Bonnie G. from the “firehouse” and “Colorado” blocks that were made at last years appreciation event.  She has enough blocks to make four more similar to this gorgeous quilt.  Not only were there an abundance of quilts, there were also 40 busy ladies who attended the sew day.  It was one of our busiest ever.