Action Care Updates

2012 action care

  • 7 year old female – Flu/dehydration – She loved the quilt because she said it matches her pretty pink pillow
  • 5 year old male – Seizures/vomiting – Patient loved the quilt, kept smiling the whole way to the hospital. His family was very appreciative.
  • 2 week old male – Infection in leg- fell asleep in the ambulance after the quilt was put on top of him
  • 5 year old male – croup – Loved the quilt, fell asleep on the ride grasping it.
  • 3 year old female-Virus- Patient was excited to pick her quilt. It was red, white and blue. She kept saying how beautiful it was. The crew said to “Thank you ladies for your hard work and time.”
  • 4 year old female – Respiratory- Patient received a quilt that was orange and told the crew it reminded her of her favorite TV show yo gabba gabba and she started to sing
  • 7 year old female – Nausea, Vomitting – She was feeling so sick but as soon as she got her quilt, it calmed her down and she fell asleep under the quilt
  • 1 year old female – Upper Respiratory Infection- She loved it and was so excited that it was her favorite colors.. Parents were very gracious and said it helped make their Christmas Eve trip to the hospital a little better
  • 2 year old male – pneumonia- Patient was so excited that he got to pick a quilt. The father was very pleased and appreciates what you do
  • 3 year old male- Respiratory infection- Quilt stopped the child from crying, Mother truly appreciated it.
  • 14 month old male: Patient loved the cowboy pattern
  • 7 year old female: skull fracture- She loved the quilt, she “LOVES” pink!!! She also kept saying thank you very much
  • 2 year old male- abdominal pain- He had a lot of fun naming all of the colors on the quilt. Made the ride a little less scary
  • 14 year old female- depression-Mental health hold- Gave her a pediatric quilt and she was in a much better mood, crew then told her she could keep it and she was elated. The crew thanked you for making the quilts. They’re awesome
  • 1 month old male- He slept with the quilt the entire transport and the mother was very appreciative that you made these and that they were allowed to keep them
  • 4 month old female – Respiratory- Patient enjoyed playing peek a boo with the quilt.
  • 1 year old female – Respiratory- Patient cuddled up with the quilt and fell fast asleep for the transport to the hospital
  • 4 year old female – Croup- Loved the quilt. Kept saying it was soft and comfy
  • 18 month old female – Respiratory- She enjoyed looking at all the colors in the quilt, colorful birds, and purple tassels on the quilt.

Thanks again for all of your hard work. Please know that it doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Jennifer Reifman, Action Care Ambulance