Another Record Set in November

A record amount of 114 quilts was turned in at the November 14th sew day.  The pile was so tall that the ladies could barely see over it and it took an extra amount of time to view the bed turning.  Along with the quilts there were 5 receiving blankets and 14 burp cloths turned in.  At the second sew day the next week, 29 quilts and 78 pillow cases were turned in.  The pillow cases will be donated to the children at Shiloh House next month as a part of their Christmas gifts.  The new total for quilts made in 2019 is 1,356 with a total of 1,069 being donated as of the end of November.  The volunteers of Firehouse Quilts are truly generous and productive with their time.  Sending everyone a big thank you for the surprise birthday cake and singing of Happy Birthday.