BACA Receives Quilts and Bags

On March 7th, Jacque met with “Bingo” who is a member of Bikers Against Child Abuse.  He picked up a donation of 24 snuggle quilts and 52 fabric bags that were a special request of B.A.C.A.  One of the quilts was made specifically for this group by Alice Z.  with the Harley Davidson theme.  The bags will have a quilt, stuffed toy, picture frame, and other small items put into them by the B.A.C.A. group.  When they first meet a child they are welcomed into the B.A.C.A. family and gain the support of the members.  The children will have two members assigned to them who will help by visiting them at their foster home, school, and during therapy needs.  Thank you to the FHQ members who generously made the 52 bags in the short time frame once the plea went out to them.