Batting Donated to Firehouse Quilts

Firehouse Quilts received four rolls of quilt batting from three generous ladies recently.  Marcia, who is a friend of a FHQ member, was able to use coupons at Wooden Spools in order to purchase a roll of batting.  Peggy, a new friend of FHQ, received funds through Thrivent’s Generosity Program to purchase two rolls of batting.  Thrivent is a not for profit member owned benefit society that provides financial services.  Karen, who works at Holly’s Quilt Cabin and is a supporter of Firehouse Quilts, purchased a roll of batting with coupons from Joann Fabrics.  Karen has also made and donated beautiful quilts to FHQ in the past.  Because batting is a big expense for Firehouse Quilts, these donations are truly appreciated.  The support of these three women allows us to continue making quilts for children/patients in crisis.