Busy Holiday Season Doesn’t Slow Down Sew Days

 Despite the fact that December is a busy month, the sew days were well attended and 111 quilts were turned in.  That brought the total number of quilts for 2019 to be 1,467, which is truly impressive! There were 1,399 quilts donated to children in crisis with 20 fire departments/agencies during the year.  At the December 18th sew day, the FHQ members showed their appreciation to the staff of Above and Beyond Sewing and Vacuum by surprising them with a meat and cheese tray gift.  Because of their generosity FHQ has a wonderful place for their sew days.  The ladies were able to sew in front of a fireplace image on the big screen television making for a festive day.  Adding to the fun, many of the ladies shared their baked goods with everyone.