Clients Send Thank You Notes to Firehouse Quilts

Firehouse Quilts donates quilts to 18 shelters, human services departments, and hospitals throughout the year.  In addition, they also donate quilts to 14 fire departments across Colorado.  The quilts go to children/patients in crisis in order to bring them comfort.  Some of the agencies that we serve have sent wonderful thank you notes that should be shared.

  • Hope and Help, Castle Rock – Through the years, Firehouse Quilts has donated beautiful quilts to Help and Hope Center.  We have been thrilled to get them into the hands of clients with little ones.  Each one shows our clients true compassion, love and that they matter.  We are so grateful for your willingness to share your time and talents with our agency and clients.
  • Limb Preservation Foundation Volunteer, Joe – I appreciate all you and Firehouse quilters do for the different organizations you provide quilts to.
  • Child Safe, Ft. Collins – Saying thank you to you and your fellow quilters never seems like enough gratitude!  Your quilts always create intrigue. Everyone entering our reception area wants to know the story behind the quilts.  The best part of the story is that every child who begins to work with us is wrapped in the comfort of your love and support. 
  • Mountain Resource Center, Conifer – Thank you for your generous donations of handmade snuggle quilts to our organization.  We appreciate your ongoing support and generosity.  Because of you we have persevered the ongoing pandemic and have been able to help many neighbors who struggle with unforeseen and challenging times.
  • Craig Hospital, Englewood – Patient, Angela wrote thank you so much for the lovely quilt.  It is beautiful and warm and I love having it to snuggle under.  It covers me with warmth and love.  Rhonda, another patient says thank you so much for your generous gift of the quilt.  I love it  and it’s so beautiful.  Your thoughtful work is amazing.  Isabella says thank you for the quilt.  It’s the perfect size and very warm and cozy.  Brian, who is also a patient, wrote thank you so very much for the beautiful quilt.  It is cheery and comfy and I appreciate it and will use it a lot.