Delivery to Boulder Fire-Rescue

FHQ recently delivered quilts to Boulder Fire-Rescue.  This busy department strives to make Boulder a safe place to live, work, and play.  BFRD reduces the human suffering caused by fires, accidents, sudden illnesses, and other disasters.  One of the newest initiatives Boulder Fire is engaged in (with neighboring Arvada Fire) is a program called Friends Don’t Let Friends Fall.  This program is focused on helping seniors increase their balance, as more of their calls are “fall related.”  Because of this, Kim has asked for more larger sized quilts and fewer snuggles as they don’t seem to have many child related calls.

While delivering the most recent quilts to Kim, another lady joined us to talk about the “hats for the homeless” she makes and hands out.  So Boulder Fire also ended up with a great collection of hand knit hats as they interact with homeless in their area.  It was a good day for all!