Fall Quilt Delivery Season Has Begun

On November 6th, two quilt deliveries were made in Castle Rock.  The first delivery of 16 quilts was given to Castle Rock Adventist Hospital.  These quilts will be put onto the hospice cart from which terminally ill patients or their family members can choose a quilt.  Bonnie and Jacque were greeted with such enthusiasm and answered many questions from the employees and people who were in the lobby of the hospital, which was heart warming.

The second delivery of 50 quilts was donated to the Douglas/Elbert County Task Force.  These quilts go to mothers with new babies or small children who are having trouble making ends meet.  We were told by Jenny and Jami, who are case workers for the families, that they currently have an abundance of homeless and needy families.  An apartment fire about two months ago in Castle Rock displaced many families.  On a tour of the facility Bonnie and Jacque saw the food bank that has taken in nearly 65,000 pounds of food this year, the intake room for clothing and other items, and the thrift shop.  Their clients are given coupons to use in the food bank and thrift shop.  The quilts that FHQ donates are kept in the case worker’s offices and handed out to families once they are interviewed.