February Quilt Collection Day

February Collection Day by the Numbers:
361 Quilts
75 baby hats
50 degrees
45 members
13 fabric bags
12 weeks
3 crocheted blankets
2 photo stations

What a generous group of people Firehouse Quilts of Colorado is! We’re still waiting for COVID restrictions to ease, so we delayed quilt collection for 12 weeks, until we could look at a forecast and find a day when the temperature would reach 50 degrees. On 2/1, Cathy D volunteered her garage and front porch for the collection, and set up 2 photo stations, one staffed by her, and one by her daughter Ginny.

Donations came in from 45 members, and many of those folks stayed around to help hold quilts for display, and especially to fold and bag – so many quilts came in that the folding operation had to move from the driveway to the front porch. Members also got to replenish their supplies of fabric, quilt tops, patterns, and notions.

The final tally was 361 quilts (a record for a collection day), 75 baby hats, 13 fabric bags, and 3 crocheted blankets.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped during collection, and to everyone who brought something in (or even just took fabric to work on!).

Click on the photo to view the slide show, or copy and paste this link into your browser. https://www.dropbox.com/s/figv49wn2evjo1j/Quilt%20Collection%2002-01-2021%20Final.mp4?dl=0