Firehouse Quilts Makes Two More Quilt Deliveries

On September 18, 2018 there was a delivery of 32 quilts made to the Sheridan Victim’s Advocate office.  This organization works through the Sheridan Police Department and helps children who are victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and homelessness.  Cheryl B, who is their coordinator, is always so appreciative of the quilts they receive and told us that she had given three to very young sisters the day before.  They are currently living in a hotel and were excited to receive their own quilts.  Cheryl goes to night court every Thursday evening in order to assist families who are dealing with some type of special needs.  Patsy E, Christie M, and Jacque S made this delivery to Sheridan. 

On September 20, 2018 Action Care Ambulance Company received 77 quilts from FHQ.  The quilts go on all of their ambulances and are handed out to children who are patients on the rigs.  Each quilt has a report form put with it so the crew can make comments about the child who receives the quilt.  One of the report sheets said “He loved the colors and it made him feel extra special and safe.  Keep up the good work and the parents also wanted to say thank you.”  Staff members who received the quilts were Alexe, Scott, Alli, Jill, and Cindy.  A brief tour of the Action Care facility was given to the FHQ ladies.  Members who made the delivery were Patsy E, Sara V, and Jacque S.