First Delivery to Florence Crittenton High School

On September 27th a delivery of 15 quilts and crocheted baby hats was made to the Parenting class of Christine W, who teaches at Florence Crittenton High School.  There was much appreciation and excitement as the teen expectant Moms were able to personally select a quilt and hat for their babies. The school is a public-private partnership with Denver Public Schools offering a pathway school for teen moms 14-21 years old.  In addition to grades 9-12, there is after school tutoring and career and post-secondary transition readiness.  Once the Moms deliver their babies, there is a nursery and early childhood education center for their children ages 6 weeks to Pre-K.  Upon completion of their education, the Moms participate in a graduation ceremony accompanied by their children.  Thank you to Christie, Mary, Cathy and Jacque for making this delivery possible.