Generous Donations Arrived in December

Several ladies made donations of quilts, fabrics, and tops in December. Gail M, who discovered Firehouse Quilts during our quilt show days, recently made a very large donation to FHQ. She donated four large bags of fabric, four completed quilts, seven tops, two large fleece blankets, three tops with backing ready to be quilted, and seven large spools of King Tut thread. Patty Z and the quilters of Sew She Quilts donated five beautiful quilts and 28 pillow cases. In spite of Covid and not being able to meet, the little group from Wray still managed to keep sewing and met their goals for every group in their community and FHQ. Joleen G, who also lives in Wray, sent seven assorted sizes of quilts to FHQ. The patterns and choice of fabric colors are wonderful. Linda P also sent a box of several quilt tops to be quilted. Thank you for the thoughtfulness of the ladies who made these donations. The current inventory of quilts is down to 85 so it will be good to add to that.