Guests Come to Sew Day

Several guests visited the sew day on April 5th. Summer A., the Therapeutic Recreation Coordinator for Highlands Ranch, Gabby and her mother brought a packet of delightful thank you notes and photos from the Valentine’s dance in February. Gabby was lucky enough to receive one of the beautiful FHQ quilts at the dance through the door prize drawing. She was excited to meet the volunteer who made her quilt and showed great appreciation to our group.

Barbara C. arranged the visit of the next guest who was Jill S., the Volunteer Coordinator at Craig Hospital. She received 22 quilts for Craig and gave a brief discussion about the patients of Craig Hospital. Jill arrived just in time to see the bed turning of 68 finished quilts. It’s always encouraging to have the recipients of the quilts come and personally thank the members of Firehouse Quilts.