Limb Preservation Foundation Volunteer Visits Sew Day

On March 20th, Joe, who is a volunteer at the Limb Preservation Foundation, stopped in at the sew day to say hello and he also brought some surprises for the members of Firehouse Quilts.  Joe had a selection of insulated cup covers, letter openers, book marks, and bag handle covers.  He wanted to let the FHQ ladies know how much the patients at the Limb Hospital appreciate the quilts that are donated to them.  He explained that there are patients as young as four years old who receive the quilts as well as teens and adults.  Joe personally visits with each patient prior to giving them a quilt to learn about their hobbies, favorite colors, and family.  He then goes through the FHQ donated quilts and picks out the quilt that suits the patient appropriately.  After the sew day meeting Joe was able to meet with FHQ member Sara V. to pick up 30 more quilts at the storage bin that will be donated to patients in the future through the Limb Preservation Foundation.