Marisol Home Receives Quilts

On November 13th a delivery of 50 quilts was made to Marisol Home.  Marisol is a shelter that helps single mothers with children who are experiencing homelessness.  The shelter also provides a safe and caring interim home for expectant mothers.  At the time of the visit from FHQ members the shelter was housing 13 mothers and 16 children, of which four were newborns.  While living at Marisol Home the women are given material and spiritual support, case management, counseling, and connection to other support services.  The goal of the staff is to help the mothers find a job, a place to live, or to help with continuing their education.  The quilts that were donated will be handed out to the children at the Christmas party on December 15th as well as being made available to future residents at Marisol Home.  Jeanne, Sarah Z, and Jacque made this delivery possible.