Missouri Star Donates Fabric

Firehouse Quilts recently received a donation of 175 pounds of fabrics from Missouri Star Quilt Company in Hamilton, Missouri.  This donation was made possible by a client, Barbara C, who is the contact person for Child Safe in Ft. Collins.  Barbara recently attended a quilting retreat at Missouri Star and struck up a conversation with Jenny Doan, the founder of Missouri Star.  She explained to Jenny what the mission of FHQ is and told her how many quilts we make each year.  Child Safe receives a large number of quilts from FHQ four times a year.  After their visit, Jenny generously arranged for a huge donation of fabrics for FHQ and sent them back to Colorado with Barbara.  It is with extreme gratitude that the members of Firehouse Quilts thank Jenny and the Missouri Star Quilt Company for giving freely to our cause.