Our Scraps Help Other Non-Profits

At the March 1st sew day, Debby N. brought in a couple of quilts that Shirley S, a 90 year old friend had made. Shirley uses the scraps that are left over from Firehouse Quilts projects and sews them into lovely quilts for her non-profit, ABC4Kids.  It’s just amazing how she takes such small pieces of fabric and creates quilts that will be donated to at-risk and abused children who are in social services, women’s safe houses, are teen moms, or in emergency rooms. The ABC group has approximately 50 volunteers who have donated over 20,000 quilts in the past 21 years!

There were 28 quilts turned in at the sew day by our members, and as usual they were beautiful. Our FHQ ladies are all so talented!