Quilt Deliveries Continue in November

On November 14, 2017, a delivery of 25 snuggle quilts was made to Marisol Homes by Barbara, Lynn, and Jacque.  This facility is housed in an old convent in Lakewood which has been updated to house as many as 16 mothers and their children.  The shelter is for single mothers with children who are experiencing homelessness or have been through domestic violence.  The mothers are offered material and spiritual support, safe housing, counseling, indefinite stay, and connection to other support services.  The goal of the counselors is to help families regain independence.  Once the families leave the shelter, they are then considered to be alumni and are able to ask for assistance as needed.








There were 50 snuggle quilts donated to Action Care Ambulance on November 15, 2017.  These quilts are carried on ambulances and given to any child who has experienced a health problem and is being transported to a medical facility.  The ambulance service contracts with the V.A. Hospital, Denver Health Hospital, and all hospitals in the south metro district.  They also assist fire departments when they are overwhelmed with multiple calls.  There are over 100 calls a day that Action Care responds to.  Randy gave a tour of the facility to Mary, Maureen and Jacque after the quilts were received by Darcie, Lisa, and Ally.