Shiloh House Meets the Needs of Children Despite Pandemic

Molly, Ramirez, the Deputy CEO of Shiloh House, recently said they have been meeting the needs of the kids in residence settings throughout Colorado, even though we are in a pandemic.  The children have been getting their school classes virtually, have had a Covid testing center available to them, and their parents/guardians have continued with support groups via phone and computer. 

Firehouse Quilts has donated to Shiloh House for over ten years.  On December 4th, a small group of ladies from FHQ donated 112 quilts, 93 pillow cases, 213 hats, 41 scarves, and 48 stocking to Shiloh.  All of the donations will go to the children in the Littleton area residence homes.  The members of Firehouse Quilts worked throughout the year in order to meet the needs of the children of Shiloh House with this generous donation.