Sincere Thank You For Monetary Donations

The year 2020 has been a challenge to many non profits, including Firehouse Quilts.  During normal times FHQ receives monetary donations from various organizations to help cover costs of things such as fabric and batting, as well as the storage bin and website expenses.  In order to get some help with these expenses, the Board of Directors sent out a plea to the membership on August 28th.  In just over a week there was an overwhelming amount of $2,447.00 donated by members and friends of Firehouse Quilts.  How do we begin to thank all of you for your generosity?  This money allows us to meet the expenses for the remainder of 2020.  In addition, several members gave great ideas on how to do future fundraisers that will help us to acquire more funds.  The generosity of twelve people has allowed us to continue with our mission of making quilts for children in crisis.