Successful Outdoor Quilt Collection for Craig Hospital

On May 6th, Firehouse Quilts held an outdoor quilt collection event at the Above and Beyond Sewing store’s parking lot in order to get quilts for Craig Hospital. There was only one hour scheduled for the members of FHQ to drop off quilts and to pick up batting and labels. The outdoor drop off allowed 28 members to practice safe distancing while wearing face masks and gloves. Not only was the goal of 88 quilts met, the donations reached a phenomenal total of 110 quilts. Each quilt was photographed by Cathy, Sarah, and Barbara in order to prepare a future slide show for the members to view. There were 60 quilts that were bagged and prepared for delivery to Craig Hospital on the same day. The remainder of the quilts were bagged for future deliveries to Limb Preservation Hospital, Women’s Crisis Center, and Boulder and Arvada Fire Departments. All who participated in this collection of quilts deserve a big thank you for their cooperation in keeping in mind that there was a goal of safety and speed in accomplishing our goals. The Firehouse Quilts helpers were Barbara C, Christie M, Karen V, Cathy D, Sarah Z, and Jacque S.