Third Outdoor Quilt Collection a Success!

On August 12th, a third quilt collection day was held in the parking lot of Above and Beyond Sewing.  Over forty five members participated, wearing masks and trying their hardest to safely distance from one another.  There were 250 quilts turned in along with 27 pillow cases, 75 BACA bags, and a box of surgical face masks.  The members could also replenish their supply of batting, fabrics, and labels.  Each quilt was individually photographed in order to have a slide show made in the future.  Thanks to Cathy for her patience in getting this tough project accomplished.  The continued efforts of the FHQ members in making quilts at home is appreciated.  We are all anxious to be able to meet as a group again to do our quilting.  Thank you to Bonnie, Joyce, Cathy, Sarah, Jeanne, Lynn, Barbara, Christie, Karen, Mary, Sara, and Jacque for making this collection day possible.