Douglas County Community Development Block Grant

Douglas County Women’s Crisis Center

Shelter Director Jody Curl gladly accepted 11 full sized bed quilts made and donated by FHQ volunteers for the Women’s Crisis Center on Aug. 20, 2012. . Fabric & other supplies used in these 11 quilts were donated and/or purchased by FHQ.

(L-R) Director of Douglas/Elbert Task Force, Suzanne Green, helped display some of the quilts we delivered Oct. 26, 2012, along with FHQ volunteers: Mary Peterson, Sandy Honan, Sara Van Horne and Dusty Darrah.  Fabric & other supplies used in these 64 quilts were also donated and/or purchased by FHQ.

After our approval for a $3,000 grant from Douglas County, FHQ volunteers went on three shopping sprees to purchase fabric for even more quilts to be donated to the same organizations.

May 30, 2013, we spent $1,933.47 at Fabric Expressions in Littleton, CO, to use for our grant project.  (L-R) Jo Dee Durbin, Sherri Mayne, Cathy DiGuiseppi, Sally Dudley and Dusty Darrah.

July 24, 2013 another shopping spree at Quilting Hands in Lyons, CO, spending $922.94 of our grant money on this beautiful fabric.  (L-F) Barbara McCrorie, Sandy Honan and Dusty Darrah.

Douglas/Ebert Task Force

Douglas/Elbert Task Force

(L-R) Jacque Schneider (FHQ), Suzanne Green (Task Force), Jude Schouweiler, (Client Services Manager) & Dusty Darrah (FHQ).  This delivery on Aug 12, 2013 brought the Task Force another 14 Snuggle Quilts & 19 fleece blankies.

Douglas County Women’s Crisis Center

On Aug 21, 2013, FHQ delivered 12 more full sized bed quilts to Shelter Director Jody Curl.