A new beginning…

After weeks of discussion, the Firehouse Quilts Planning Committee has made the decision to discontinue hosting a quilt show and re-focus on our FHQ mission, making snuggle quilts for children in crisis. Planning and organizing our quilt show took more and more time away from the real reason we were drawn to this group.

Our quilt show has been a wonderful fund raiser for Firehouse Quilts, enabling us to purchase some great fabric and other supplies to make our children’s quilts. We have fantastic support from many in our community and we are excited to reclaim our time for creative quilt making.

We hope you will join in our excitement and continue to support us as a charity quilting group in any way you can. Heart-felt gratitude goes out to all those who helped our quilt show become the best in the state! It’s always good to leave when you are ‘on top of your game.’ We’ve had a great run and we exceeded our goal of making $10,000 from the quilt show after all expenses are paid. This year, we brought in a little over $10,000 to help us buy batting, fabric and other supplies.

We will be selling our trailer, quilt racks and curtains, hopefully to another quilt guild that does quilt shows. All of this equipment is in immaculate condition; it’s only been used at our own quilt shows since 2009. The rest of the time, it’s locked up and stored at one of our volunteers property.

If you know of a group that might be interested in purchasing this equipment, please have them email me for a breakdown of exactly what is included.

Dusty Darrah