Afghanistan Refugee Family Receives Quilts

On November 5th Firehouse Quilts gave four of their beautiful quilts to one of Colorado’s new Afghanistan refugee families.  They are such a cute family of four with Dad and Mom, a three year old girl and a seven month old baby boy.  Dad was a helicopter pilot for the United States troops in Afghanistan.  They are so happy to be safe in the United States and love their quilts.  We wish them well as they settle into their new home and we welcome them to Colorado.

Since this donation of quilts to the family, FHQ has received a nice thank you note written by Kimberley.  “Please accept and pass along to your quilting friends the deep thanks that comes from Mohammed and Mahtab for the beautiful quilts that you so generously gave to them.  Yesterday we were able to help them move into their one bedroom apartment with quilts enough for each bed.  Thank you for the beautiful, careful, creative work you do and for how you generously donate to those in need!”