Marisol Home Receives Quilts

Lynda, the Operations Manager of Marisol Home, received a donation of 89 quilts on November 16th.  Marisol provides a safe environment and interim home for expectant mothers and those with children.  The women are looking for a way to integrate back into their communities and are offered case management, counseling, advocacy, and connection with other support services.  They are offered job training and quality child care while staying at the shelter.  There are currently 16 Moms and 25 children housed at Marisol Home. 

The quilts and other items will be shared with the 48th Street Shelter in downtown Denver.  It is a 262 bed shelter for women of all ages, operated by Catholic Charities. 

In addition to quilts, Marisol received 20 pillow cases, 13 crocheted afghans, and seven receiving blankets.