Another Successful Quilt Collection Day

On September 23rd, Firehouse Quilts held their fourth outdoor quilt collection day at the parking lot next to Above and Beyond Sewing and Vacuum.  There were 46 members who participated and donated 209 quilts.  Since the outdoor collections started in May, there have been 926 quilts turned in, photographed, bagged and then put in storage or donated to children/patients in crisis.

Along with these quilts the members also turned in 17 pillow cases, 8 large Halloween bags, 5 receiving blankets, 29 BACA bags, 12 crocheted hats, and two hooded sweaters.  The FHQ members are able to pick up more fabric, batting, and labels at this time.  Because of the help of eleven supportive members, this project has become stream lined and efficient.  A big thank you goes out to Cathy, who has photographed all 926 quilts and put them into slide shows.  The other members who deserve a big thanks are Jacque, Christie, Mary, Sara, Bonnie, Joyce, Jeanne, Maureen, Sarah Z, Karen, Lynn, and Barbara C.