BACA Receives Quilts

On October 24th, “Bingo” who is a member of the Bikers Against Child Abuse, received a donation of quilts and bags at the FHQ storage unit.  He received 79 quilts and 106 bags that will be filled with a quilt, a stuffed toy, and hygiene items for abused children.  The BACA members meet a child as a group when they make an appearance on their motorcycles.  The child is assigned one member as their primary contact who will see to their needs such as a physical presence at the foster home, visits at their school, therapy needs, and attending court dates.  On this date “Bingo” and  twelve other members had met with a 17 year old girl who received a red/white/blue quilt from Firehouse Quilts.  He said she was very pleased to receive it.