Fabric and Quilt Donations Made to Firehouse Quilts

Through the generosity of four people, Firehouse Quilts has received wonderful fabrics and quilts in the past two months.  The family of Kate B. kindly donated her stash of fabrics that she had lovingly washed, folded, and stored in ten tubs.  Jane W. is in the process of down sizing and donated much of her gorgeous fabrics to FHQ.  Both of these fabric donations will help to make many quilts for children in crisis.  Two other ladies donated finished quilts to Firehouse Quilts.  Maureen B. made a dozen children’s quilts during the pandemic.  They were quilted with fun kid themed patterns on her long arm machine.  Joleen G. sent nine assorted kids quilts for both boys and girls made with fabrics and patterns that are very special and fun.  The support from everyone’s donations is greatly appreciated by FHQ.