FHQ Member Unexpectedly Meets Craig Hospital Patient

After the Christmas party in December, Debby N. was leaving Olive Garden when she stopped to help Kevin N. down the stairs.  He was struggling a bit and the nurse in Debby just couldn’t resist assisting him.  When they started to visit, Kevin, who was also an EMT/RN, explained that he had a motorcycle accident and was doing his rehabilitation at Craig Hospital.  Debby wanted to know if he had received a quilt from Firehouse Quilts, but unfortunately he had not.  She kindly arranged to meet him at a Starbucks to deliver a beautiful quilt to him for which he was thrilled.  After a brief break from rehab, Kevin will resume going to Craig Hospital in a specialized truck that was given to him by an organization to help keep him mobile.  Not only were Debby and Kevin both nurses, they also share the same last name, spelled differently, and their families came from Ohio.  It’s always good to find out about the people who are recipients of the quilts from FHQ.