Finally a Sew Day for FHQ!

On July 28th, the members of Firehouse Quilts were able to attend a sew day after not doing so for sixteen months!  The pandemic has kept everyone at home doing all of their quilting projects alone.  Because of the generosity of Bonnie M, a member of FHQ, she was able to arrange for the sew day to be held at her church.  The room was very spacious, allowing everyone to have a big sewing area, as well as areas for bed turning, cutting, batting, pinning, kits, and quilts to be quilted.  It was so good to spend time together and be able to catch up with everyone’s lives.  The fact that we could be together to quilt was absolutely wonderful.  Thank you to Bonnie, her husband, and her daughter for all of their hard work to make this possible.