Special Quilts Donated to Craig Hospital

On July 27th, a very special donation of quilts was made to Craig Hospital.   Dale C, who lives in Hays, Kansas, was a patient at Craig Hospital in 2016-17 due to a traumatic brain injury.  During his recovery, his wife Sherry, made thirty 18″ embroidered quilt blocks.  She donated the blocks to Firehouse Quilts in hopes that they could be made into quilts for patients at Craig.  Alice, Barbara, Bonnie, Christie and Jacque each made original quilts with the blocks during the pandemic.  Accepting the donation of the quilts at Craig was Dr. Jandel Allen-Davis, President and CEO of Craig, who is an avid quilter herself, and Jill, the Volunteer Coordinator at Craig.  Eleven additional quilts were also donated.

During this delivery the ladies of FHQ were approached by Val and Wayne, the parents of a current patient who fell from a collapsed second story balcony.   Their daughter, Lynsey, received a quilt from Firehouse Quilts in June and greatly appreciated the donation.  She too is a quilter and her parents wanted to show us a snowflake quilt she had made before her injury.  What a heart warming day it was while making this delivery.