Second Quarter Donations Are Appreciated

During the second quarter of 2021 Firehouse Quilts received donations of $1,245.50 from various organizations and people.  It is because of the generosity of so many that FHQ is able to continue with their mission of making and donating quilts to children in crisis.  Thank you to all who continue with their support to Firehouse Quilts.  The following is a listing of the funds received:  Rewards Program – King Soopers $478.11, Corporate –  Givinga Foundation $42.09 and Amazon Smile $50.30, Marcia Koester Memorial- (E. Failing, C. Griffith, S. White, M. Peterson, J. Cullen, B. Nickells, J. Erickson)  $665.00, and Private Donation – T. Oser $10.00.