Flood Victim Quilt Delivery

By Susan K. Knox

Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum is gathering quilts of all sizes to give to the victims that lost their homes in the recent floods around Boulder, Lyons, Estes Park, etc.  They will be collecting quilts from our community through April 2014 so if you don’t have a quilt to donate this week, you have time to start one now.

For more info: https://rmqm.org/zz/events/special-events.html

I had the privilege of delivering 48 snuggle quilts to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum at their corporate office in Golden on Friday, October 3, 2013.  Three officers were present and very thrilled to see our delivery, they could hardly wait to open a couple of our bags to see the quilts.  I wish I had known who made one of the two we used for the pictures we took, but one of them was Lynn Emch’s latest concoction.  It had flapping ears on the cute animals that were on the quilts.  They loved that.

While I was with these three lovely ladies, they asked many questions about our Firehouse Quilts organization and what other organizations receive our donated quilts. I gave them one of our nice folding brochures that tells about who we are and what we do. I think they were surprised to hear how many groups we help.

Thanks for letting me have such fun; I felt very special delivering all those 48 quilts. It will be fun to see if we hear from any of these families that receive them.

Susan K. Knox, Firehouse Quilts volunteer

Photo: FHQ volunteer Susan Knox and one of the staff (Karen) at the museum show some of the fun and unique quilts we donated for the Colorado flood victims.