Updates from Action Care Ambulance

We recently received updates from Action Care Ambulance Service in Denver about our Firehouse Quilts of Colorado, Inc. snuggle quilts given to children they see on their emergency runs. It’s very heart-warming and motivating to hear how the children and their parents reacted to receiving our quilt. Below are the most recent updates we’d like to share with you.

4 year old female-respiratory distress
“The patient loved the pink color. She used it to build a rabbit hole for her bunny Lily during transport”

21 month old female-dehydration and pneumonia
“The cat pattern was perfect for this patient”

1 year old male
“Having a severe asthma attack and trying desperately to catch his breath. He was scared and with the quilt he was able to calm down enough for us to assist him. Thank you!”

2 year old male
“Loved the pirate theme!”

6 year old male
“The child loved the quilt. Thank you!”

5 year old female
“The young girl has Down Syndrome. The quilt comforted her.”

1/2 hour old female-newborn
“The quilt was used to keep the baby warm”

5 year old male-near drowning
“The quilt helped warm and comfort the child after a traumatic experience”

13 year old male
“The boy was excited to have a keepsake for this first ambulance ride! It made him smile.”

6 year old male-traumatic oral injury
“A quilt was given to the young boy for comfort”

6 year old male-fractured skull
“The young boy loved the design. It was great for comfort.”

2 year old male-pneumonia
“The patient was much more comfortable with the nice colorful quilt. It helped him be calm so he could receive good patient care. Thanks!”

15 month old female
“The young girl looked happy. The mother was very appreciative.”