Napa Quilters Donate to Firehouse Quilts

Trina, who lives in Napa, California, recently contacted Firehouse Quilts regarding a donation of quilts for children in Colorado.  A small group of ladies in Napa started making quilts about five years ago when the fires raged in the Napa valley leaving many homeless.  The group wanted the quilts to go directly to children who were affected by the disaster.  When Trina saw on the news that so much of Colorado was on fire this year, she wanted to get quilts to the children impacted here.  She recently sent 15 gorgeous quilts from her small group of quilters as well as from the Orange County Quilt Guild and the Napa Valley Quilters Guild.  The quilts will be donated to children and families in the Grand Lake and Granby communities. The generosity of these quilters is truly amazing. Trina’s daughter was affected this summer when fire destroyed her home and yet they continue to reach out to others in need.  Firehouse Quilts sends our appreciation for their caring nature.