New Quilter and Thank You Notes at Sew Day

It was great fun to have Faith T, who is the niece of Christine T, attend the last sew day. Faith is 15 years old and has expressed an interest in learning to sew, so Christine decided to introduce her to quilting. She was motivated enough to pick out her pattern and fabrics and begin sewing on a quilt top. We all look forward to her returning and finishing up the quilt top soon. How great it is to see someone her age learning to quilt.

Barbara C, a member of FHQ brought in some heart warming thank you notes from patients at Craig Hospital who have received our quilts. Their road to recovery can be over six months, so they do appreciate having their personal quilts donated to them by the Firehouse Quilt members. The quilts go on their beds or they can be seen wrapped around the patients as they move about the halls of the hospital. Nearly 150 quilts have been donated to Craig in the last eighteen months.