So Much Happens at a Sew Day

The May 17th sew day was eventful and action packed. There was a busy group of 36 members piecing quilts, preparing kits for future use, and having fun visiting with one another. Once again this ambitious group of ladies made the bed turning exciting by turning in 62 quilts. This now brings the total number of quilts turned in for 2018 to be 594. Also during the sew day Don, who is with Above and Beyond Sewing and Vacuum, was doing sewing machine maintenance on some of the sewing machines. About every other month our members are able to participate in this maintenance program.

Ruth B., who is a member, surprised us with a generous donation of $200.00. Half of this donation came from the sale of her van. The buyer requested that she pick a non-profit to present his $100.00 to, and then Ruth matched his donation. While at sew day Ruth was also able to pick out three quilts to donate to three siblings who recently lost their mother. It is our hope that the quilts will bring some comfort to these 5-, 7-, and 11-year-old children.